How the Gift Shop/Vouchers work


Buying a Gift of Life is easy, and will make a real difference to a Ugandan family. Simply decide which gift (or gifts!) you want to buy for somebody - we have a range of prices to suit everybody's needs and wallets! Once you have decided which gifts you wish to purchase, you can indicate (for each gift) if you want your friend to receive a postal card or an e-card. Here's a quick look at how this works:

1. You choose and purchase your Gift of Life.

2. A Gift of Life card (individual or group) is forwarded to the recipient to let he or she know that the gift was purchased on their behalf. If online you can choose the style and personalise the message to the recipient during the purchasing process, and a link to the card will be sent on the day you designate. If the Gift of Life is via post, FOL will forward you the card so you can sign the card and send it to the recipient. (Please take the time to view the appearance of the postal card as these cannot be customised, and will simply feature a picture of the gift).

3. The funds are sent to the Fields of Life Kampala office where the goods are purchased for families participating in the Gifts of Life programme.

4. The Fields of Life Development Officer instructs and guides the beneficiary family in order to facilitate their first step to self-sufficiency.


Buying a Voucher is a new and easy way to help. All you have to do is choose which programme you want your money to go to,  indicate the value of the voucher and it will be posted to you to pass on to the recipient. Here's a quick look at how our voucher scheme works:

1. You choose a programme; water, playgrounds or textbooks.

2. You decide what value the voucher will have.

3. A voucher is forwarded (via post only) to you and you can pass it on to the recipient to let he or she know that it was purchased on their behalf.

4. The funds are sent to the Fields of Life Kampala office where they will be added to the project costs of whichever programme you chose.

Fields of Life want you and the recipient of your gift/voucher to know that you are making a vital difference in East Africa. This is really a gift which gives continually - to an individual, to a family, and to a community throughout the year! It is for this that Fields of Life thank all Gift of Life purchasers in advance for helping others to help themselves.

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